The Power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media

The power of social media: social media is a powerful tool that needs to be utilised by small businesses and regular people alike. Having a following on any social media platform can dramatically alter the course of events that takes place when you first start your business.

These are the 10 most visited websites in South Africa


According to Statisa – all the major social media platforms are in the top 7 most popular websites. This means your clients are on social media, an average person spends 3hrs a day on social media.

How do you make social media work for you?

power of social media
power of social media

Here are some tips that we, here at the Tati Connect, have for you to grow you following and what to do once you have.

Post Consistently- Growing on a social platform can be as easy as having one viral post. The more you post, the more likely one will go viral. Your followers will remember you if you post consistently. This may seem difficult, but commitment is all it takes. Posting consistently is the most fool-proof way of growing your social following.

Use Hashtags- We cannot stress this enough! Hashtags are there to be used, use them. Popular hashtags are easily found on most platforms, posting under these hashtags will mean your post will be seen by a wider audience. Not only will this help your views, but your following will grow. Post with hashtags as much as you can, every post if possible.

Engage with Your Audience- Encourage tagging, respond to comments and host contests. These are some of the best ways to engage with the followers you do have to get more. Your audience will feel appreciated and share your work. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to engage with your audience and it’s definitely worth it.

What can you do with social media?

These are the best tips we have for growing on social media. But what do you do once you have grown? How do you use social media to your benefit?

The most obvious and useful way is advertising. Advertising to an audience you have on social media can be an efficient way of advertising without spending any money. This can be useful in the early years of your business.

Social media can also be used to engage people. Holding contests with prizes is one of the best ways to keep people interested in your business. If that is not possible then try making merchandise for your followers. Anything to keep people invested in your business.

Why social media?

You may be asking yourself why you should be using social media in the first place. What’s so special about it?

Well, social media influencers do exactly that. Influence. People with millions of followers have got more power than you might think. People listen to other people. If you can build your following to those levels you can have influence over people. It may not seem like much when you don;t have it, but you’ll thank yourself later. Trust us ;))

Social media is taking over our world day-by-day. We need to move towards the future. Social media is what is needed! Your business will thank you for it later.

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