White label business management: SaaS platform

White label business management: In SaaS, White label management is a software platform that is developed by one company and marketed by another company under its brand. Therefore, the White label SaaS software is rebranded in order to incorporate the company’s name, logo, and other branding elements.

White label SaaS software offers many advantages. In addition, the second company can save a great deal of time and money. The process of building software from scratch can take a long time and be very expensive. The second company can avoid these costs if it uses white label SaaS software instead and get their software up and running much quicker.

White label business management

The time investment required to build your own SaaS platform

Creating your own SaaS platform from the ground up might be a difficult task. There are numerous moving pieces, making it tough to know where to begin.

First and foremost, you must be familiar with web development technology. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP are examples of such code. You’ll also need to know a lot about server administration as well as security. It’s critical that your platform scales as your user base expands.

There are several options available if you choose to use an existing framework. Popular options include Ruby on Rails, Django, and Laravel. By providing pre-built functionality that can be used in your own platform, these frameworks can save you a lot of time and effort. A medium article I wrote recently outlined how we were able to produce a complex SaaS application in two months. Although, I must admit that we have taken far longer than two months due to the fact that SaaS development is a progressive and evolving process; there is no such thing as arriving at a destination.

If you don’t have the time or the knowledge to construct your own SaaS platform, outsourcing it can be a fantastic solution. A number of organisations that specialise in SaaS development can assist you in launching your platform.

What you need to know about hiring SaaS developers

The task of finding developers with experience in SaaS development is a huge issue. Although there are lots of professionals with experience in traditional software development, SaaS is a new emerging sector. As a consequence, there are very few developers with the skills and expertise required to create a successful SaaS service.

Another issue is that software development for SaaS is frequently more sophisticated than traditional software development. This is due to the fact that SaaS solutions must be built to be hosted on a web-server and accessed remotely by clients. The development process may become more complicated as a result of this.

Moreover, developing a SaaS application might be costly. SaaS solutions often necessitate more developer time than traditional applications due to the complex of the system. This can raise the cost of development, making it hard for some companies to keep the cost down.

Be wary of unskilled programmers.

It can be appealing to employ developer houses or less team of less experienced to construct your SaaS, only to wind up with a system that isn’t what you wanted, or issues with: (1) technical aspects of the SaaS, (2) security concerns or one of the most typical ones, (3) scalability challenges.

Solution: Use a white label to solve the problem. Platform for Business Management Software as a Service (SaaS)

Purchasing a pre-built Business Management Software SaaS platform is one option to get started with your own platform. One such approach, you may prevent to start from the ground up with the software but rather concentrate on minor aspects such as the company logo, taglines, and colours. With just a little tweaking, you’ll be up and running as quickly as possible through your own Business Management Software SaaS platform.

White label business management

Why aren’t there more White Label SaaS companies?: White label business management

You might wonder, “What really is the hook?” and “Why aren’t more individuals opting for this?”

There really is no hook; in fact, there are quite a number of white-label SaaS enterprises that you can start right now, some for free (with a higher revenue share fees of course). The issue is that while there are fewer in the “Business Management Software” genre as it is an extremely valuable company, and distributing code, or easily access to it, creates competition for the software’s developer.

Businesses do not want to invest decades in building software just to split profits with potential competitors.

As a result, there are limited white label SaaS choices available.

Skhokho to the Rescue – a Saas application for White Label Business Management Software

Skhokho Business Management Software is an industrial newcomer that is going against the grain. We packaged software products into one intuitive, user-friendly platform rather than breaking and separating them into numerous independent SaaS packages and forcing consumers to pay for each one separately.

White label business management

It may be against popular opinion, but we want our clients’ lives to be as simple as possible. Is anyone really interested in logging into ten different software products on a single day? One for accounting, another OKR software, a project management tool, HRMS, …. etc.

What is the point of paying for ten different monthly subscriptions for a business owner? It’s easy to pay just one. That’s why we did it, to simplify the lives of our users and clients. 

Skhokho White Label Business Management Software SaaS platform

Despite popular belief, we did it again and made our software available as white label, read more here: https://skhokho.io/white-label-saas-business-software-resellers

Costs is consistent and starts at $1999 per month. Within a month, you can have your goods and begin billing clients. Your personal Stripe payments will be integrated into the platform by Skhokho developers, allowing you to be paid straight to your Stripe account.

On the site, Skhokho charges a 10% service charge. This would be to compensate for the opposition we are generating for ourselves; when we license our software, firms that choose to utilise it represent a cash outflow for us, so we charge a service fee.

With Skhokho White Label, there are no surprises.

Starting with the Skhokho white label solution is straightforward; you obviously know how the end product will appear. Skhokho allows you to effortlessly make your own profile and try it out for 14 days for free.

The development process is transparent; there are no surprises. Moreover, the pricing is transparent and predictable, so you can budget and understand exactly what it will take for you to break even.

Take a client-centric approach to your business

White label software, such as Skhokho White Label Business Management Software SaaS platform, allows your company to focus on what is important significantly to you: your customers, sales and marketing, and user growth. This way, you can focus on your main business rather than worrying about how many containers are running on the cloud.

White Label Software: A Case for Investment

The business case is straightforward; revenue is determined by quantity and the number of individuals to whom the program can be sold. It is a no-brainer if you have exposure to marketplaces. Let’s take a look at the figures, focusing on the $2920 per month mid-tier package. This enables you to obtain managed, fully scalable software with payment integration and multi-tenancy. This implies you may redistribute the software and bill your own customers for it.

Break-Even: To break even, you’ll need 104 paying clients if you charge the mid-tier $28 per client. If the 10% transaction costs are factored in, you’ll need 116 clients to break even. Of simply put, you can pick your preferred prices, and the entry fee for 103 employees is simply $28. You’ll almost certainly attract clients with more staff, who will pay you more, and you’ll be able to break even with little than 100 users.

For more information on our staggered pricing, visit our price page: https://skhokho.io/documentation/guide/company.html#skhokho-pricing

Getting Started:

To have your own white label business management software with Skhokho, schedule a meeting with one of our representatives to discuss your needs.

1 Hour Meeting – Schedule a meeting Create your own Skhokho Account: https://skhokho.io/authentication/register

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