Tenders South Africa: Top Websites to search for Tenders

Tenders South Africa: Top Websites to search for Tenders

We have searched, compiled and indexed the top websites in South Africa where you can go search for tenders. Our team has investigated the top ones and compiled this comprehensive report.

If you are looking for a tender online, this is the place to start searching.

Tender Bulletin Website: Government Website



You can browse through this government website for free and download the tender bulletins. A typical tender bulletin looks like this – Document from 7 August 2020.

The document contains a lot of information, warnings on tender fraud and if you keep browsing you will find information about tenders being released that looks like this:

snippet tender bulletin south african government tenders
snippet tender bulletin South African government tenders

As you can see, there is enough information for one to contact the department that released the tender, or go to their website to get the actual tender document.


E-Tenders: Government Website



This is the official website from the government with free tenders. This website also offers all the tender documents for most tenders. This is what the information looks like.

e-tenders government website to search for tenders
e-tenders government website to search for tenders

You can see the category, the tender number, published-date and due-date. What I love about this website is their search functionality. One can easily search for tenders, using the category, cluster, department and tender type.

When you find the tender you are looking for – Just click on it and it will open a more detailed page.

The detailed page has more comprehensive information about the tender:

  • Contact information
  • Phone numbers
  • e-mail addresses
  • Website links
  • Addresses
  • Briefing sessions

You can also download all the tender documents directly from this page in pdf – for FREE.

This is by far our top pick when searching for tenders and where you should start your search

Sokoni Business Market – Private



This is a free website where you can search for current tenders online. They provide basic information about the tender with contact information and origin website where the tender is published. You would need to visit that website to get more information and tender documents.

sokoni tender search page
sokoni tender search page

They also offer a subscription service for free. You can subscribe using a keyword and get tenders sent to your inbox that match your keyword on a weekly basis.

What we love about Sokoni: It is more than a Tender website, they have other useful features for small businesses.

Here is a list of things you can do on Sokoni:

  • Find a tender
  • Post a tender
  • Post a service you offer
  • Find a service posted by others
  • Get tenders emailed to you for free
  • Search for companies
  • Issue professional quotes and keep a record of all issued quotes in one place
  • Issue a professional invoice and keep a record of all issues invoices in one place


Tendercom – Private



This is another private tender and RFQ service. You can create a profile on their website and pay for a subscription to receive daily tenders in your inbox. They collect tenders on your behalf and send them directly to you on a daily basis.

I could not actually search for tenders or see any tenders – you need to subscribe first.

It is not a fee service: below is a snip of their pricing

tendercom pricing to get daily tenders in your inbox
tendercom pricing to get daily tenders in your inbox

There is options for 6 and 12 months as well.


SA-Tenders – Private


FREE search /PAID notifications

Sa-tenders is an amazing website, privately created where you can search for tenders for free. This is an example of their search results:

sa-tenders website tender search results
sa-tenders website tender search results

One can also do an advanced search based on the sector and region for a more focused tender list. When you find the tender that you like – simply click on it to see more details on another page.

There is detailed information, contact information, tender briefing locations etc. You can also find the actual tender documents related to the tender and the original department that issued the tenders.

Paid tender notifications:

sa-tenders paid tender notifications
sa-tenders paid tender notifications

Although the tender search is free and you can get everything you need for free – if you prefer tenders emailed directly to your inbox, sa-tenders offers a paid service that will email you tenders. You can pay for this immediately and start receiving tenders in your inbox [not tested yet].

Easy Tenders: Private


FREE search / PAID subscription

Easy tenders is a free service for searching tenders online. You can go to their website do a basic or filtered search. This is what the results look like.

easy tenders searching for tenders results
easy tenders searching for tenders results

You can click on the results and get all the relevant information about the tender.

They do not provide tender documents directly from their websites – on the tenders that we searched through. You do get a link to the original website where you can download the documents.

Paid subscription

If you want tenders send to your inbox, you do have to pay a subscription fee. Their pricing is shown below:

easy tenders subscription pricing table
easy tenders subscription pricing table

Tolatender – Private



This is a free resource where you can search for tenders for free. We were able to search tenders and see tender details on a separate page.

You do have to get through multiple pop-ups to get to where you want to be. This is what the page looks like:

tolatender search for tenders online
tolatender search for tenders online

They are free as promised. Tender documents are not available directly on their website. When you request to see the tender document, you are forced to watch an advert for a full 30seconds. After the 30s you are re-directed to the e-tender website ☝🏽☝🏽 The one we discussed above.

I would probably just want to start there.

Very Important Advice

We highly recommend that when it comes to tenders, you always verify any tender information you get. You can search for the issuing department or company directly on google, visit their website or call their office to verify contact information and tender details.

This is very important to avoid falling in to tender fraud schemes.

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