Google Ads Tutorial

Google Ads Tutorial

Google Ads Tutorial to teach you the basics of creating your first Google Ad, for entrepreneurs.

This Tutorial is designed to help you create your first Google ad, most people think it costs a lot of money to advertise on google. The truth is – it depends on what you are selling.

The cost of advertising on google is largely dependent on what they call – Cost per click, cost per view, etc,. Basically in simple terms it is the cost of advertising. This cost is influenced by many things, these are the top items that affect your cost of advertising.

Selected Keywords and Cost of advertising

Your selected keywords – What are you advertising? If you are advertising nail polish, your keywords might be – “nail shop near me”. If you are advertising websites, your keywords might be “website design”. The keywords have competition, meaning other advertisers who are selling the same thing. So your cost here will depend on how much – these other advertisers are willing to pay for their ads to be viewed.

So if I am competing with Superbalist to sell Nail Polish, and Superbalist is willing to pay R1 for every click they get. I must also pay R1 to be featured, if i pay less that R1 – my adverts might never show, all traffic will go to Superbalist advert – get it?

If i am advertising for websites and I am competing with Shopify who are paying Google ad R70 per click.  I must also pay R70 to compete with them, or my ads will never run or get any impressions.

The the cost of advertising, is largely dependent on your keywords – what you are selling and the competition for those keywords.

Check out the Google ads Keyword planner to get ideas on keywords and their associated costs, before deciding on a Google advert – to help you figure out your budget.


We have a tutorial designed for beginners wanting to create their own google ads from scratch.


Your Audience – Who you are advertising to

When creating a google advert, you must decide who your advert is geared towards. This can be geographical, demographical or just based on likes and habits. This is important because you need to show your advert to the relevant people. The more relevant your audience is – better.

You pay for every click, so you need to make sure you can convert as many of them in to customers as possible.

The Nuts and Bolts –

When selecting an audience past the obvious geographical and demographics, you have to pay close attention to interests and intents. You get in-market audiences. These are audiences that have market intent, are likely to buy from you. They went to google and specifically searched for your keyword, they have an intention to do something, like purchase of find your physical location. They could have searched for very specific words like “hair stylist near me”. They are also the most expensive to advertise to.

Then you get affinity audiences. These audiences are people who have certain interests. Google tracks people on the internet and can determine what your interests are. You visit Takealot today and browse through cellphones.

Tomorrow you start seeing cellphones adverts everywhere. This is because you were tagged on Takealot. So this might be annoying to you, but is ideal for marketers. This is how marketers target people to show adverts to. You can start benefiting from this yourself by selecting affinity audiences in your google adverts.

Google mastered the art of online advertising and if you select your keywords and audience right. Google the most effective method of advertising available today.

And you can quote me on this:

When google advertising is done well, selecting the right keywords and audiences – it is the most effective and cost effective advertising method out there today, even better than old traditional advertising.

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