Managing client relationships: with CRM

The process of managing client relationships in all aspects of client encounters is known as customer relationship management (CRM). This covers consumer contacts, connections, and interactions. As an entrepreneur, managing your customer interactions on your own can be challenging. So CRM software was invented to help businesses manage customer relationships with smart technological tools. These technologies are cloud based software that promotes cooperation, and engagement.

Managing client relationships

Companies no longer save customer lists on excel sheets since the emergence of CRM software. Organizations used advanced CRM technologies to manage everything. For instance, from lead management , sales management to digital marketing. They have changed throughout time. With more functionalities being introduced in the competition to become the most advanced CRM system.

We have clearly pushed the swing to the upper end of too many tasks. Such as functionalities, automations, and complex systems that the ordinary salesman battles to sustain in the pursuit of technical growth and digital transformation.

Managing client relationships

As a result, CRM technologies created to assist firms have gotten incredibly expensive. And they wind up being labeled white elephants when auditors come by once a year and no one utilizes them. The issue is that updating what we’re doing in the CRM takes far too long.

How to tell when your CRM system is overly complex?

  • When you need to buy another product in order to combine tasks and automations
  • There is a requirement to train workers on how to use the software and to accredit your staff on how to utilize the system
  • On a daily basis, employees use just 10% of the offered functions
  • If you need to describe the CRM’s characteristics in more than two phrases

The good old days

Search terms commonly used to find CRM online include “CRM for Small Business” and “Simple CRM.”. Customers want things to be simple. In actuality, when you google for those keywords, you are still welcomed by costly CRM goliaths. Due to the search traffic, are leveraging on that keyword to market specialized and expensive CRM to enterprises seeking reasonable solution.

Skhokho introduces a really easy CRM for Small Businesses

Yes, we are not simply capitalizing on the “keyword”. But we developed and built this tool exclusively for small businesses. They are simple and deliver capabilities that you will use on a daily basis, end of discussion.

As a result, let us look into some of the aspects that businesses find most beneficial in a CRM.

CRM functionalities that are most commonly and widely used

The following are the most frequent CRM features:

  1. Lead tracking tools and dashboards
  2. Email marketing
  3. Sales collaboration – data preservation

There are other additional functions, such as automations and social media marketing. However, the elements that most businesses utilize on a daily basis are the three listed above. If we want to simplify CRM, this is where we must begin.

Lead tracking tools and dashboards

This is a method for managing all of the company’s potential customers. Assume you’re at a convention and meet a potential buyer who expresses an interest in your product. You grab their contact information and make a note to follow up with them. Possibly by scheduling a phone conversation to discuss your services more. Arranging a presentation, and warming up that lead so that you can turn them to a customer.

Managing client relationships

You’d have to handle that workflow in some way. Understanding when you’re going to call them. Recording the conversation in that meeting or call. Therefore, the rest of your team knows what was addressed and when you should follow up on them.

The most crucial thing CRM software should be able to accomplish is offer you data over time. By tracking lead source over time and which leads convert, you may begin to discover where your most effective leads are originating from.

Email Marketing

Mailing tools are becoming increasingly vital as email marketing grows. As is the necessity to combine them with your CRM program. You may have met contacts who are not yet leads; you may also want to keep them informed about your products and services, new releases, and business changes.

Managing client relationships

Here’s where email marketing enters in; you’d send them a group email or a newsletter on a regular basis, or simply a follow-up note.

Sales Collaboration

The first key is to keep your sales team’s data and information safe now and in the coming. If a member of your team steps down. You assign a new sales lead, and they should be able to enter the CRM and follow all existing prospects that are being chased, their status, but most essential – tasks and files. If discussions with customers were conducted, what was discussed, what decisions were made, and what action items were developed?

Skhokho enables you to do all of this in a straightforward and cost-effective CRM for your company. The aim is to enable teams to execute routine day-to-day work in an accessible system that anyone can use.

The complexity test: (Managing client relationships)

  • Is it necessary to buy an additional software for integration: No, Skhokho has everything you need in one system, and you can integrate your contact data in Csv file format. Other integration possibilities will be added in the future, although they will be mostly for data transformation rather than capability integration.
  • Do you need to train employees on how to use the CRM? Skhokho is simple to use and requires only a few steps. Keep track of your leads, contacts, papers, and meeting minutes. For starters, we offer easy-to-follow YouTube videos, but the functionality is simple to grasp and requires no training.
  • How many functions of the software are used on a daily basis: all of them
  • Could you please explain the CRM’s features: Keep track of all of your clients’ data in one location and send them commercial emails on occasion. Keep track of all your sales leads, funnels, and sales data, such as documents and meeting minutes, in one location.

Start Managing client relationships

Read our Sales and CRM Documentation here.

We are offering a 14 day FREE trial for Skhokho CRM. In which you can try out all of the CRM’s capabilities. No long term commitment, no credit cards required, and you can cancel at any moment.

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