Empower Women in Technology through online learning

Empower Women in Technology through online learning

In this article I am going to discuss why it is important to empower women in technology through online learning. In the african culture we have a saying:

Educate a woman and you educate a nation

African Proverb

However women are often in the back of the queue when it comes to opportunities of empowerment, education, business, careers or anything really. As the home-keepers women are traditionally expected to tend to the household and raise the children – at the expense of their own personal advancements and aspirations.

Empower Women in Technology – 4th Industrial Revolution

We are facing the very advanced and accelerated unravelling of the fourth industrial revolution. Technological innovation is the engine that is driving this 4th industrial revolution.

There are notable advancements in:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Data science – Big data collection, analysis, interpretation, application to business and personal projects
  • Automation
  • Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine interaction or economy
  • Robotics

The 4th industrial revolution has potential to completely change the way we interact with each other and do business. It is going to affect the current economy, business practices and most importantly jobs in the market.

As we improve machine to machine learning and interaction, it is inevitable that some jobs previously performed by humans will be performed by machines or computer code, programs.

Are machines Bad?

No, there is a reasonable fear in people and communities that this advancement is bad for business. People naturally want to resist change – however in this case, instead of imagining that machines are bad. We should rather focus on the new careers that are opening up as a result of machines and this industrial revolution.

Yes, the mill packer who worked for 40 years packing boxes will be replaced by a robot, which will do the job 10 times faster, but this new robot now needs a robotics engineer to program it and mechanical engineers to build it.

Instead of resisting this change, rather embrace it – get ahead of it and adjust our daily activities. This is like the story of Sniff and Scurry in the famous bestseller book “Who Moved my Cheese”. Change is inevitable, to continue surviving – the pace at which one can adjust to change is crucial.

Empower women through education

As fast as the world is changing, universities and other educational institutions cannot keep up. Universities cannot design and implement new courses in technology fas enough to keep up with the rate of growth.

Top Careers of 2050 include titles like: (1) Data forensics or investigator, (2) Software developer and (3) AI specialist – amongst others according to https://www.resumeble.com/career-advice/jobs-of-the-future-2025-2050

This is the time to start creating these competencies, and educating people in these fields.

Women have been generally under represented and overlooked, it is time to put them forward and say: “let us build our women for the future“.

Online Education

empower women in technology
empower women in technology

Online learning is a fast growing industry – accelerated by the pandemic we experienced in 2020-2021.

Our focus however is on platforms that are going to teach skills that talk to the 4th industrial revolution, this is the area of study we are focusing on in this article.

Fortunately, 4IR skills are easy to teach online with a laptop and some internet. As the majority of automation and programming is done in front of a computer, students can easily watch and practice skills from online content, delivered through their computers.

Skolo Online Learning

Introducing Skolo Online Learning – a South African based tech learning platform that focuses on video based online learning on topics like: (1) Web development, (2) Python programming, (3) Blockchain and others.

Skolo Online also has a fast growing youtube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKe7TlwyDiH2RM7jhI5vnXw

Learn Blockchain Basics – and develop a fully functional proof of work blockchain in Python with this course:


What you will need:

  • A virtual private server – you can get one for $5 from Digital Ocean
  • Time to learn

What is blockchain and why would you want to learn it

Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger technology that is fast advancing how data and records are being stored across many nodes and parties who do not trust each other.

learn blockchain development with python
learn blockchain development with python

It is the technology behind Bitcoin cryptocurrency, but has applications in:

  • Enterprise data reconciliation between businesses and departments
  • Supply chain management
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance industry
  • Banking

The list is endless, if you have a process that requires a trusted third party to manage transactions, you could be using blockchain. this is therefore an important area of study.

For more tutorials, check out our tutorials page.

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