Set up Facebook Instagram Shop with WooCommerce

Set up Facebook Instagram Shop with WooCommerce

In this article, I will take you through the tutorial to set up a facebook instagram shop with WooCommerce platform – based on WordPress.

WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin that transforms any WordPress website in to an ecommerce store. It adds all the functionality of an online store such as the shopping cart, checkout process, payment processing, client management etc.

When you have an eCommerce store – you are basically selling your products on a WordPress website. However lately social media sites: Facebook and Instagram have introduced eCommerce functionality. Not referring to Facebook market – which is like a classifieds ads market, gumtree type arrangement.

In this article – we will get in to more detail, and explain how one can incorporate these platform with your WooCommerce store to create one integrated commerce platform.

Facebook Instagram Shop – Commerce Manager

facebook instagram shop
facebook instagram shop

Checkout the recently launched a commerce manager – a place where you can create and manage your facebook and instagram shops.

Step 1: Go to this link –

There are currently three options for creating a facebook store:

set-up facebook shop
  1. Checkout on your own website – the option we are going to select, checking out on our WooCommerce store.
  2. Checkout with facebook or instagram
  3. Messenger Checkout

All these options require you to start by creating a shopping catalogue.

Create a Facebook and Instagram Page:

The next step would be to link your Facebook, Instagram pages to the account you are creating. You will be shown a page where you can select an existing Facebook page or create a new one.

You will need: (1) A facebook business page and (2) an Instagram business account. Your Instagram business account will have to be connected to the Facebook page and a business manager before you can get started.

Once you connect your pages to the commerce manager – your shop will be provisiobally created and you will be required to add a catalogue to your store.


You can simply import your facebook catalogue or create a new one from your WooCommerce store. For that you will need the WordPress Facebook Plugin. Instructions are shown in tutorial video.

Once you create your catalogue – simply connect it to your store and you are good to go. Your facebook store will initially take a couple of weeks to get approval from Facebook – you will receive an email once approval has been granted for both your facebook and instagram stores – your dashboard should now look like this:

facebook commerce manager
facebook commerce manager

You can now do the following from your commerce manager:

  • Manage the catalogue, products – data source
  • Design the look and feel of your online store
  • Create dynamic shopping ads for Facebook and Instagram
  • Get traffic insights

Create Facebook Dynamic Shopping ads

Facebook dynamic shoppign ads are the best thing about a facebook online store. You can now create ads like google shopping ads -where different products are displayed to different people, depending on their habits, preferences etc.

You can now reach a wider audience and promote your store to more people with shopping ads. Facebook dynamic shopping ads also allow you to control your budget, you get charged per click and can cap your daily budget as required.

You can lead clients directly to your website – so you manage your checkout in one place.

Added extra:

Creating an instagram store also allows you to start tagging products on instagram posts and reach even more people from Instagram. Facebook and Instagram work together to create the idean online commerce experience – all this provided to you for free by facebook

Video Tutorial:

Step by step video tutorial is available on out youtube channel – on how you can create your facebook instagram shop – with WooCommerce.

Facebook Instagram Shop – with WooCommerce, Step by Step guide.

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