Polygel Nails – Small Business Feature

Polygel Nails – Small Business Feature

We are starting a feature on small businesses with a discussion on Polygel Nails. Today we feature a business that is at the forefront of Polygel Nails Technology in South Africa.

Disclaimer: This is a promotional piece, all articles in this series of Small Business Feature will be promotional. We believe in empowering the young entrepreneur, small business and we will be starting with one of our own.

What is Polygel Nails?

Polygel is a type of artificial nail – the total market in the nail business in USA is estimated at $58 billion, with an annual spending of about $8.36 billion – Source.

This is echoed all across the world, nails are a big business for many women and men. Artificial nails leads that race as more and more women try to get those perfectly manicured nails.

Types of nail extentions:

The two main types of artificial nail extensions that one can get at the high end nail salon is:

  • Acrylic Nails – Acrylic nails are formed from acrylic powder and liquid monomer. They are known for strength and agility. The process of applying acrylic nails is very technical – the technician needs to get the right powder to liquid ratio. Then mould it on top of a nail form before it dries, shape as desired. Then the technician must shape, file and process the nail further.
acrylic nails
acrylic nails
  • UV gel Nails – UV gels nails are formed from UV gel, they are easier to apply on the natural nail and have a more natural finish and feel. However they tend to be more brittle and have a shorter shelf life, they also require a complex layered application process with a skilled technician involving a UV light to cure layers of gel as they are applied.
polygel nails
polygel nails

Enter Polygel

Polygel was created to bring together the best of acrylic nails and uv gel nails. Acrylic nails were strong and resilient, but often appeared artificial and unnatural. UV gel nails were perfectly natural, but lacked the strength and longevity to make them last long.

Polygel was the ultimate solution – the perfect blend between the two, capturing the best of both technologies, while making the nail technician’s job easier in the application process.

What you need for Polygel Application

Polygel Product

The Polygel product comes in a tube. It is pre-mixed acrylic and hard gel, in a perfect powder to liquid ratio. So as a nail technician, you do not have to worry about getting the ratio right. All that is required, is to apply the polygel to the nails.

polygel product
polygel product

Dual Forms, Slip Solution and Polygel Brush

The polygel is then applied to the nail using a (1)Dual Form, (2) Slip solution and (3)Polygel Brush. The Polygel product is applied directly on the dual forms. Then the brush is used to shape it in to place. The product is quite sticky – hence the slip solution is used. Apply it to the brush in very small quantities to help reduce the stickiness and shape the product in to place.

The slip solution is not like a monomer liquid, it is not meant to be mixed with the polygel. It is a tool to shape the polygel and reduce stickiness. In fact, the technician only needs to line the brush with a small amount.

polygel nails south africa
polygel nails south africa

Once the polygel is applied to the dual forms. You simply stick it to the natural nail and put it under UV light to cure. It dries immediately under UV light and you can remove the dual forms to discover your perfectly natural artificial nails

Polygel the way to go

You can purchase polygel nails in South Africa – online from the Tati Store. Polygel us their core business, but they also offer uv gel, builder gel and acrylic nail sets. You can purchase these sets and do your own nails at home.

Check out our pick from their Polygel Nail Kits Collection for Polygel below:

polygel nail kit
polygel nail kit

This polygel kit contains everything required to complete a mini-diy manicure with polygel at home. It includes:

  • SUN Mini UV lamp
  • Polygel product
  • Slip solution
  • Top/Base coat
  • Dual forms
  • Polygel brush
  • Nail files
  • Glitter polygel products

Get this set here: https://thetatistore.com/product/glitter-polygel-kit-with-6w-sunmini-south-africa/

Polygel nails last even longer than acrylic, they look amazing and are so easy to apply. Get in touch with the Tati Store Today using the links below:

Email: admin@thetatistore.com

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