Affordable Healthcare for everyone utilising advanced Technology

Affordable Healthcare for everyone utilising advanced Technology

Creating affordable healthcare for all its residents is one of the top challenges facing developing nations like South Africa. The private sector only caters for 17% of the population while the public sector caters for 83% of the population. The private sector is generally well resourced, while the public sector is under-resourced.

The price of private healthcare is out of reach for many South Africans. There is a big gap in the industry for a healthcare provider that can provide affordable healthcare to the average South African.

How can we make quality healthcare, similar to the private sector more accessible to the 83% of the population?

Alma Clinics Primary Healthcare

Affordable Healthcare
Alma Clinics Primary Healthcare

The clinics are ready to provide AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE utilising the latest in medical technology, data collection, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Providing intelligent and efficient healthcare that utilises preventative care methods means: we can treat more people with less resources.


Abeo Care application is used by the medical staff at Alma Clinics to track, keep record of and manage patient data and information. The main philosophy used by Alma is going “back to basics” and using preventative care techniques to manage the healthcare of patients. The app connect patients, to the nurses and to doctors and specialists to manage care for patients.

Alma Clinic Primary Healthcare
Alma Clinic Primary Healthcare Nurses

This is world class medical-tech that applies the latest in AI and Machine learning. The app analyses data from patients to suggest the best preventative and treatment path.

Happy Patients

Many happy clients are visiting Alma Clinics daily, one of them Ma Violet Ngewana from Naledi Ext. 2 talks about her experience at Alma.

I loved the treatment here and how thorough their testing is, unlike most other clinics that don’t do all these things

Alma Clinics Happy Patients
Ma Violet Ngewana

Ma Violet can now track all her medical information from the app, no more lost records and looking for files in a file room for over 3hrs. Her treatment plan, medication schedule is all stored in the app for easy access by her and any other future care physicians or nurses.

Visit Alma Clinics

You can visit Alma Clinics at the Address:

Shop No 13, Protea Point

Shopping Center, Ndaba Drive,

Protea North, Soweto

Call Alma Clinics: 0100200052



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