Create a website: Its not as difficult as you think

Create a website: Its not as difficult as you think

If you want to know hard is it really to create a website? You have come to the right place, we will break it down for you in this blog.

Let us start by looking at different types of websites we have available, because creating a website will depend on what type of website you are trying to create. This list below is in no particular order:

  • eCommerce website
  • Business website
  • Portfolio website
  • Blogging website – like this one
  • Web application

So how easy it is to create a website depends largely on what you are creating. 30% of the world’s websites powered by WordPress, making it the leading development platform, hence we will use WordPress for our review.


Ecommerce Website

An eCommerce Website is not the easiest to create, but relatively easy to create on WordPress using the WordPress WooCommerce plugin. You can simply add the plugin to your existing website and create an online store in minutes, complete with the checkout, cart-management, client accounts, payment processing and other eCommerce requirements.

You can also add social media plugins such as Facebook directly to your eCommerce website to Sync your WooCommerce store directly to your facebook page and shopping page, so you don’t have to enter the product catalogue again in Facebook.

Check out a complete WooCommerce set-up guide for beginners, creating a Dropshipping store in less than an hour.

In the difficulty scale from 1-10, eCommerce gets a 6. 

Business, Blogging and Portfolio

I will group in to one. Creating such a website, you have two options – using WordPress or Building from code. WordPress is the easiest platform to work with. In the past WordPress templates and themes got a bit generic and boring, but lately there are a lot of companies who jus make WordPress themes and templates. You can get really great website themes and templates at affordable prices.

Tati Digital offers services to create and build your business or portfolio website in minutes.

This one gets a difficult score of 2.


Web Application

This is likely the hardest type of website to create. So far the types of websites we have discussed have a defined website architecture. So people can create templates for them and designers jus use these templates and build a new website. Web applications on the other hand are dynamic in nature. An example of a web application is perhaps a food ordering app.

Tati Digital Connect
Tati Digital Connect 5 Apps you should be building in 2020

The app needs to take users personal information, know where the user is located and offer different restaurant options based on the location. The app must also learn user preferences so it remembers next time what the user likes and offers similar restaurants

So there is some logic that must be processed, the website needs a server to process this logic and render a page based on the results on this process. Developers need to write more advanced code to accomplish this.

In the difficulty scale, i give this one a 9.

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